Agnes Mtimakunena of Malawi is sailing with the wave of IBF as she target the third highest title within the IBF family of global titles!

The beautiful Malawian who can pass for both Beauty-Parget and Catch Walks is the most talked about individual in this agricultural based developing country which is sandwiched between Tanzania, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Nothing else is being discussed in Malawi from the early hours of the morning beside the name of this gorgeous slugger!

[Ready for the showdown: Mtimaukanena]

Agnes’s awesome rise to the position of title contender did not happened over night or came from the Manna but, a shrewdness efforts from the hard trainings and boxing talents from her early days in school.

Her classmates admired her stubbornness when she would defend herself and protect those who were been unjustly prosecuted! She would put herself inline to defend them and dare anyone who would cross her line to touch them. For that she earned the name of “Beautiful Protector” as the person who would stand for the small ones.

Winnie Phiri a beautiful Lady is the promoter of this eagerly waited rumble between two of the beautiful ladies coming from South and East African regional corridors!

Agnes Mtimakunena will have her talents tested by Florence Muthoni one of Jomo Kenyatta’s children” in reference to the Jomo Kenyatta who was the first President of the Kenyan Republic. Flo as she is usually called by her close friends is coming in the fight with the record of 8(3)-2-0 against 4-2-1-0 for Mtimakunena. But it is the blistering punches of the Malawian Princess that may stand of her way to victory come July 7th, 2013.


Malawi is on the process to build its reputation as one of the boxing powerhouses in Africa with talented amateur boxers who usually win medals from regional and international tournaments. The country is a force to be reckoned with in both East & Central Africa and the Commonwealth (British Empire) Games.

Sandwiched between East and South African regions, the country is a rising star in sports and her peaceful atmosphere gives her mileage it require to focus on the development activities hence the current surge in professional boxing industry.

Stephen Mawezie is the name that Malawians love to mention as he has single handedly made the country popular by promoting local and international professional boxing titles. He owns and manages Mawenzie Boxing Promotion an outfit that has already earned great respect and publicity mileage in its short spell in the boxing industry.

Mtimakunena v. Muthoni’s rumble will take place in July 7, 2013 in the Malawian Capital City of Blantyre at the Robins Park and it has already generated a lot of interests to the point that Malawians meets in small groups of ten people to discuss it every day!

Congratulations Republic of Malawi, Africa is proud of you!

“Nothing else like IBF/AFRICA as it advances African interests to the Global professional boxing fraternity”

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