As some housemates go dirty under the sheets and it goes unnoticed, Natasha has decided to share what she does when the lights go out.



Lat night, the Malawian belle tipped off fellow housemates “Don’t be scared if you hear a zzzzzzzzz sound while you sleep, it’s just me and my vibrator.” smiling sarcastically.


“Seriously if you hear a grrr grr sound, don’t think that I am shaving, I am not shaving,” she added while laughing.


Natasha plays with a vibrator in bed

Natasha plays with a vibrator in bed

Natasha was asked to prove what she was saying of which she did her thing and Elikem who was sleeping with Pokello in the bed next to her said, I heard it.”

“You are hearing things,” Natasha giggled.


Don’t you think this lady is too dirty?


Malawi representative in

BBA chase natasha last
night she was busy helping
herself with a vibrator in
her covers and she even
scream her lungs out like a cat akumva kukoma
mpaka azake kuzuka.  Atleast she is not sleeping around in the house like other housemates

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