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Manganya dangles K1.2m for Flames win

Malawi’s revered actor Michael Usi aka
Manganya has stoked the Flames
ahead of Wednesday’s make-or-break
2014 World Cup qualifier against
Kenya’s Harambee Stars. He is dangling a cool K1.2 million
(about $3 000) in an attempt to
motivate the Flames to give out their

“The whole of last week, I was up and
down trying to source money for this
cause because this is a must-win game
for our team.
It is a national cause
hence the need to motivate them,”
said Manganya who also paid for 100 supporters to cheer the Flames during
last Wednesday’s qualifier against

Outlining the offer, Manganya said the
Flames will get K250 000 (about $6
250) for the first goal while the scorer
stands to pocket K50 000 (about
$125) and a K20 000 (about $50)
shopping voucher from Devraj.

Subsequent goals will go with a K50
000 reward up to K1 million (about $2

Of course, the offer is on
condition that we win the game. “The Flames goalkeeper stands to
pocket K150 000 [about $375] if he
does not concede a goal,” said
Manganya. He also said he will watch the game
from the Open Stands in the company
of fellow comedian Bon ‘Winiko’

An inside source said Manganya, who
is acting country director for Adra
Malawi, has negotiated for a day off
with the organisation’s visiting major
donor from Denmark to watch the

Meanwhile, Football Association of
Malawi (FAM) has pledged a
handsome reward to the Flames
should they win the game.

FAM president Walter Nyamilandu
confirmed the development, but could
not give any figures.

“We are prepared to dig deep into our
coffers to reward them, that is our
promise,” said Nyamilandu. But a well-placed source confided in
The Nation that FAM is dangling more
than K100 000 (about $250) to each
player in the starting line-up for a win.

Nyamilandu also thanked Manganya
for his gesture to motivate the players.

Last week, Youth and Sports Minister
Enoch Chihana hinted on the
possibility of rewarding the Flames
should they win.

Flames captain Joseph Kamwendo
saluted Manganya and FAM for their

“I have said it before that what we get
as game bonuses and allowances are
on the lower side, but we still give out
our best for the cause of our

“So, on behalf of my peers, I would
like to thank Manganya and FAM for
their gestures.

I would also like to
thank Malawians who have backed
our cause.

I want to assure them that
come Wednesday, we will not disappoint them,” said Kamwendo.

Via.: National News Paper

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