Ntam president Ian Chitsekula has been suspended by the board for alleged mismanagement of funds, The Daily Times has learnt.

The move follows a letter written to the board last month by Ntam’s vice Treasurer Maxwell Chiphinga criticising Chitsekula for making unilateral decisions.

In the letter, Chiphinga popularly known as Max DC claimed that the Ntam president had secretly received K2 million grant through the Cultural Support Scheme which he used to implement projects without consulting the executive.

Smith Likongwe, who is the board chairman, confirmed on Sunday that Chitsekula had been suspended. The decision was made investigations which revealed that the president mismanaged funds.

“Yes it is true, the decision was made and the president has been suspended. We looked at the issue critically and found out that the president mismanaged funds,” he said.

Asked what would happen to the theatre body in the absence of the president, since the seat of the vice is still vacant following the death of Henry Ntalika, Likongwe said:

“In the meantime there is a three man team which will take care of the association and handle issues until the elections are held before October,” he said.

The three members are Secretary General Manasseh Chisiza, his vice Kenrin Makutu and Treasurer Boniface Tivalenji.

Chisiza said the decision was communicated to him but he was yet to meet the other members. Chitsekula claimed the board chairman was biased.

“It has all been clear that Smith Likongwe had interest. He directed Max DC what to do in order to corner me. Likongwe has collected data on his own at Copyright Society of Malawi (Cosoma) offices, he is not an auditor, why can’t he wait for the audit,” said Chitsekula.

He said Likongwe was acting in his personal capacity warning that Likongwe is dividing the theatre body. But some sources say that Chitsekula was summoned several times for meetings over the issue but he was not cooperative hence the board just met and made the decision. – By Sam Banda Jnr

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