Taonga Botolo, a youngman who post updates on Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda official facebook page deliberately skipped the name of Dr George Chaponda of DPP as he appears on the photo (second from left), the photo has been posted today with the following extract:
Her Excellency Dr Joyce Banda

With former presidents of Republics of South Africa and Mozambique, His Excellences Mr Thabo Mbeki , Mr Joaquim Chissano and others standing alongside us are the leader of opposition Hon. John Tembo with Former High Commissioner to the Republic of Tanzania, Mr Joseph Kubwalo who joined me in the spirit of unity and togetherness on the sovereignty of our Lake Malawi.

In Unity there is strength!

TAONGA and your friends who updates on Mrs Joyce Banda’s page please don’t dent JB, she called Chaponda in good faith I guess.

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