Arthur Peter Mutharika has taken an initiative to meet the citizens of Malawi so that they can know him


Arthur Peter Mutharika has taken an initiative to meet the citizens of Malawi so that they can know him and see his face for the votes that they are supposed to make comes 2014 tripartite elections. He started his tour on July 21 in Mimosa, Namasasi, Mendulo, Thyolo boma, and Bvumbwe. Then in the lower south he made himself availalble today on Tuesday July 23rd in Thambani, Chidowole Primary School, Mwanza Boma School, Neno turn off Lisungwi. He continues the tour on Thursday in Ngabu, Nchalo, Dyelatu, Thabwa and Mpemba. His main message is to ensure people that it is time for change and time for a redefined Malawi.
Those who were present:
Chiefs and Traditional Authorities, area Chairman/chairladies of this constituency, District Governors, Regional Governor Mr. Masangwi, committee members, vice president/Secretary General Mrs. Kalilani, National Organizing Secretary, Mr. Chipungu and the Members of NGC.
He thanked the people of the south for their incredible support during the convention and trusting him with the responsibility of being DPP’s president and the official candidate running under DPP for presidency next year. He continued to say that he is ready to fight for DPP to get back in power next year. Whether anyone wants it or not, DPP will get back in power next year.
He acknowledged all present and thankful to those in attendance and that he is grateful for his health to God. He also thanked the people for choosing him as the President of DPP and for their support. He is humbled that they trusted him with the responsibility of being DPP’s president and the official candidate running under DPP for presidency next year. He acknowledged that although the competition was steep, ” you found it in your hearts and souls and chose me instead. For that I am very thankful and I am ready to fight for our party DPP to get back in power next year. Whether anyone wants it or not, DPP will get back in power next year.”
He urges the people of Malawi to go and register at the voting stations opened in their areas in order for their votes to count. He continued to say that if the people do not register, they will not be able to vote and therefore change will not take place. He also stressed that the Country of Malawi has a lot of problems some that were not present when the Late president was alive like: the high prices and scarcity of maize, the high rates of burglary, the sale of National Exams like tomatoes among other things. He stated that it is important that people go to register. He ask all of those who were present to let those who were not able to attend the gathering that they must register. “I cannot be president of Malawi like you want to if you will not go and vote.” He added
“And you cannot vote if you will not register at the voting centers placed. MEC has opened registration centers and therefore let us all go and register in big numbers because if you don’t, you will not be able to vote, and your vote will not count. There are a lot of problems here in Malawi at the moment, problems that were not there when the late Bingu was alive, like the high prices and the scarcity of maize and other foods. When the late Bingu was alive were you buying maize at 7,000 kwacha a Bag of 50kg on a day like today?”
Right now there is scarcity of medicine in hospitals, burglaries everywhere; selling of MANEB examinations in schools are like tomato sales, taking power away from the traditional chiefs seem to be the norm, disrespecting the police and a lot more problems exist nowadays. He stated that we have the chance for all these things to change. Let us all go and register in the voting centres so that when the time comes to vote, we should all go in our large numbers to make that change. Promise me that all of you will register at the voting centres and you will Vote for DPP…”

He promised that he wants to build 5 universities in the country, to open Ndata since the current government is failing to do so. He will build teacher’s training colleges and take care of the teachers to make sure that they get what they need to do a better job for the children and the leaders of tomorrow. His government will build vocational schools all over the country where people and the youth can attend training sessions to learn craftsmanship like carpentry and building during the evenings or weekends giving them time to work during the day. He reminded the people that our current government promised the nation that the youth will be going to Korea to school which was not true, and that he will make sure that he brings to life what he is committed to the country and the people of Malawi.
“We want to improve trade in the country so that we are not importing everything from other countries. Does it make sense that we should be importing everything from outside like tomatoes?” He asked. He said that he will make sure that food availability is a priority, independence of growing our own food is important for the survival of this nation. This will bring more money to the country and more jobs will be created. He ensured the people that he wants to do a lot but these were the few things that he could share at the whistle stop. He also said that although he is being threatened, he will not back down; he is prepared to take over the country so that the problems that Malawi is facing right now can be fixed.
He went on to say that the people of Malawi have the chance to change all the things considered wrong at this time. It all starts with going to register at the voting centers in Large numbers, so that when the time to vote, everyone should all go in their large numbers to make that change. As Mahatma Ghandi Be the change you wish to see in the World. Go and register, Vote DPP into presidency, and we can change the country together.

Prof. Mutharika said among other things he is working on is to eradicated hunger and stop food shortages. He said that during Bingu prices of maize were reasonable for the rural citizens. “Food is important, in order to work, you need food, for medicine to work well, you need food, for everything to work well, you need food.” Prof. Mutharika wants the country to go back the way it was prior to the late President’s passing. He went on to say that he would like to see and lead the country to be independent to our food production. His main goal is food security. He also wants to enforce national security where people can freely walk in town without fear of being robbed. He said, “today, people are afraid when they sleep that thieves will steal their belongings. Security is low now in Malawi.” He went on to say that Goats are being hidden in homes in fear of being stolen. “The police are not being respected or taken care of like before. DPP will make sure that the police have all the necessities required to do their work. Human rights will be reviewed; humanitarian responsibilities will need to be revamped.”
Medicine availability will need to be reviewed because now people have lost their lives or people we know, our family and friends. Prof. Mutharika said that will make sure medicine is available so that people have access to it without too much effort. It is in his goal to have hospitals near people according to the ministry of health and also improve the infrastructure for the development of the nation. He also said that he wants to continue all the projects that have stopped like roads, schools, etc. Malawi is 49 years from independent but very far from development. During DPP regime, most of these were done and he wants to make sure that he can continue to do the same and more for the betterment of the nation. He also wants to make sure the port in Nsanje is re-opened. If the port is opened, he believes will help reduce prices of commodities of imports and jobs will be provided.

Prof. Mutharika said he wants to put back again the education standards in Malawi. “Malawi does not have the necessities that are required in the education sector. Because the teachers are struggling, the children are rude to the teachers. He also said that he will fight to stop the selling of National Exams being sold in streets because that is killing education in Malawi.

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