A man who was gang raped by four women over the weekend was placed on oxygen as matter of urgency after being found half dead due to exhaustion.

Over the weekend four women stimulated memories of biblical Jezebel when they kidnapped and took turns raping a 22 year old man (name withheld), dumped him after he was exhausted and half dead.

The man who is now battling for his life at Salima District Hospital was raped over the weekend in a car cruising from Lilongwe to Salima. The women allegedly poured sand in his mouth so he could not scream for help but was left struggling for his life.
According to Salima police spokesperson Gift Chitowe, the young man was about to board a minibus in Area 49 in Lilongwe when the black tinted Mercedes Benz stopped for him to offer a lift.
“After I boarded the vehicle they handcuffed me, covered my face and started raping me while the car was cruising,” said the young man from his hospital bed.
He was speaking with difficulties as he looked weak and was on oxygen.

“All I can remember is that it was a black tinted expensive looking benz but I can’t recall the number plate,” he said.

Meanwhile the police are hunting for the four women.

It is however baffling that the vehicle passed all the roadblocks from Lilongwe to Salima without the police noticing that a gang rape was taking place in the back seat.

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