Garvey K: And how do you intend to achieve this i.e. “driven by women and men who truly believe and are capable of delivering the gender agenda”?Further, what criteria are you going to apply to identify these?

Seodi W: Very good question Mr Karvei,I have these five points:

You cannot be a woman leader and yet look down on certain groups of women or demonize or stereotype certain categories of women.

You cannot be an effective woman leader and yet have a very divisive nature, singling out other women for castigation.

You cannot be a woman of substance and not priorities health, education for women, girls and children in general.

You cannot be a woman leader without effectively transforming female leadership in all spheres as a gendered category.

And I submit Mr Karvei that you cannot claim to be a woman leader and yet harbor an inexplicable aversion towards women as a social group.

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