For Nomads, it might be revenge that after they were given slaps by Mafco players sometime in Salima violence is their only way of revenge. However, for Bullets it is anger at having lost sponsorship. Both might even be driven by the latter.

The open secret, however, is that violence against army teams is perpetrated by supporters of Mighty Wanderers and Big Bullets.

According to a police report into the fracas that ensued last Sunday when Kamuzu Barracks edged out Blantyre United at Kamuzu stadium, it is the supporters of the two teams that are behind the violence.

Having lost sponsorship from Carlsberg, the two rival camps have suddenly joined hands to see to it that the whole football fraternity suffers from their sponsorship withdrawal – that is by pushing Carlsberg out of sponsoring football altogether.

Efforts made by FAM to bring the two teams together through their general secretaries have so far proved futile. One can, therefore, only hope that the two teams manage their tempers before the second round of the league starts or that march to FAM offices might be useless when football is being plundered right at a smaller level.

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