There have been changes in the Police service as of yesterday in the wake of the shooting of Budget Director in the Treasury, Paul Mphwiyo.

According to a statement from the office of the president and cabinet, the changes have seen Commissioner Nelson Bophani coming in as Deputy Inspector General of police responsible for operations replacing Commissioner Finile Binali who has been said to not have reported duties for nine months.

Commissioner Doreen Kapanga, who was the Deputy Inspector General responsible for administration has been moved to an embassy in Ehtiopia and her place has been taken up by Commissioner Chrissie Ngauma.

In the police system, the two Deputy Inspector Generals’ removal from their posts are pure demotions and an evident lack of trust in them as the next spot they could eye after that was the top most of the Inspector General.

Meanwhile, allegations continue pouring in as to who was involved in the shooting of Mphwiyo. While an online article tried to make the shooting look as if it had no strings of politics attached to it, other versions have come up to trash the online article and implicate some more people in the shooting of which a cabinet minister, a prominent lawyer and a party official are the implicated.

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