In the past, 40 students at the minimum could be selected to secondary school from the school but this year, only 9 have been selected. That is the tale of Zingwangwa primary school of which its pupils, and their guardians, are failing to understand why out of the blues the selection rate has dwindled that much.

“I cannot understand it, it’s incomprehensible,” said one visibly annoyed parent.

Rumors, however, have gone viral that the pupils have been punished for having invaded Joyce Banda’s school, Joyce Banda Foundation, in Blantyre earlier in the year when their teachers had downed tools. The teachers had downed tools demanding an increase in their salaries after the unpopular devaluation of the currency then.

The pupils then had rushed to the President’s school to disturb classes that were in progress at the institution claiming that they all should be at an equal footing. The chaos spread further from the President’s school to Kudya filling station where the shop at the station was completely ransacked.

With the drop in the selection list now, the pupils and their guardians have one explanation:

Joyce Banda is getting back to us for those protests. These results are not a true reflection of what our pupils are capable of doing.

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