PP-Ken-MsondaDeputy spokesperson of the ruling Peoples’ Party, Ken Msonda, has taken to social media to shoot back at the acting general secretary of the party, Paul Maulidi, who earlier on reported that the party had summoned and suspended him (Msonda) for insubordination.

Last week it was indicated that the party had met and had agreed to suspend Msonda after the deputy publicity secretary had gone to town brandishing weapons against the DPP accusing it of torching the houses of PP supporters in Mulanje. An incensed Msonda had indicated that PP as a party was ready to take DPP head on and unleash a terror greater on the DPP if they were to continue with their violent acts which, of course, turned out to have been Msonda’s own imagination.

When the party called on Msonda to retract his statement, he refused and that was when, according to Maulidi, the party decided to summon Msonda.

However, Msonda today has written on his Facebook page that it all is a lie that he was suspended and has described the reports as malicious. Going further, he has hinted that there are some people within the party executive (apparently Paul Maulidi) who are not happy with his achievements and want to pull him down.

He has warned them that they will not succeed in their efforts.

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