Three suspects arrested in connection to the looting at Capitol Hill have been granted bail by the Lilongwe Magistrates Court yesterday.

The three, whose total amount of money stolen amount to MK 259 million, have been charged with the common crime of theft by public servant. However, amongst themselves are also other people answering other charges. Tiyembekeza Lisimba who was arrested on Thursday for being found in possession of money amounting to MK 200,000 is also answering the charge of stealing over MK 110 million.

Aside Lisimba, one Elita Kachali Moyo and Martha Banda were also arrested in connection to the same and have been charged with counts of stealing as well. They are accused of stealing over MK 96 million and MK 52, 890 respectively.

Despite the state arguing that releasing the two on bail would compromise investigations, Chief Resident Magistrate Ruth Chinangwa argued that the argument was not grounds enough to deny them bail.
The three were granted a bail at a cash bond of MK 150,000.00 and two sureties each to pay a cash-bond of MK 100,000.00 each which was paid without any difficulties.

Hearing of the case will start on November 4, 2013.

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