Gender and human rights activist has today, October 29, taken to Facebook to announce that she has finally quit fighting President Joyce Banda and the PP led government.

According to White, she feels vindicated that the battle she was fighting can now be seen by all Malawians – old and young alike.

White has indicated that all that time she was busy haranguing with JB or her henchmen on social and online media, she was doing so because she felt that something was wrong. She has added that not only did she feel that something is wrong but she also knew that Malawians knew that things were wrong but could not say a word for they relied on people like her to fight.

However, according to White, time has come now for Malawians to fight their own battles.

“Now things in Malawi have reached a point where I believe I don’t have to speak for anyone as we all can see what is happening and it’s up to us to act or not,” wrote she.

White further said that right now things in Malawi have changed but for the worst.

White’s jumping out of the ship of activism follows the one taken by one of her allies, Jessie Kabwila, who is now the spokesperson of the Malawi Congress Party.

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