Urban musician Piksy of the Uncle Short One fame has dropped his first single ever since parting with the Ndefeyo label he used to be under.

The new single, Around, was dropped yesterday from what is yet to be his next album.

Around is also Piksy’s first English song ever since he shot to stardom with the popular tracks that included Pamtima under the banner of Atumwi together with his broadcaster friend, Nicolas Mbonela.

The track takes the audience across Africa where the artist apparently takes a lady across the continent of Africa.

The song has received mixed reactions from the listenership with those who have always identified him as a musician with the local tongue on his songs finding it hard to welcome him into the fold of local artistes who do their stuff in English.

However, some have as well hailed the Bambo Nyimbo maker for coming up with the track which is expected to reach a far more wider audience than his current one which is closed to the Malawian and a few others who can comprehend the vernacular he was using.

With time, it will be seen how Piksy’s Around will reconcile the two and bring those who have found it hard to accept him to do so.








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