A Mulanje doctor, Alfred Machado, who owned the Machado hospital in Mulanje district has apparently committed suicide over the cheating of his wife.

A status update he posted on his wall approximately 45 minutes before his death read:


Now you will have peace, no intimidation. To my dear wife Aida, I love you so much, now have your piece (read: peace) no more intimidation. Keep my unborn child and call him Peace. My parents I love you so much. My kids God will let you grow and wise. I have found no peace on the land. I don’t get love. And its pity that eveytime ndimaona ngati ndikuyesetsa but people don’t appreciate. Why me always. Hope my dear wife you will get the best love and care in Fredman Mselemu. Am gone too soon but onse amene ndinawalakwira andikhululukire. Write RIP below.

It has been said that 45 minutes later he was found dead with the status scrapped off from Facebook apparently by the wife who must have had access to his Facebook account.

Cases of suicide have been on a rise recently yet Malawi’s approach to depression has been certainly with no worries.


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