There is a crisis cabinet meeting going on in Zomba in the meantime in the face of the donor’s decision to withdraw aid.

Information sourced from impeccable sources indicates that the President is under intense pressure to offload some of her cabinet ministers that have been implicated in the Cash-gate scandal that has rocked JB’s government after the shooting of the Budget Director, Paul Mphwiyo.

Unfortunately, most of those ministers are her closest allies who are also the backbone of her party – the Peoples’ Party.

Meanwhile, PP director of recruitment and sensation who has been heavily linked to the Cash-gate scandal, Oswald Lutepo, is also kept in Zomba at the Zomba maximum prison even though rumour mongers have gone viral online indicating that at night Lutepo is transferred to the Zomba state houe for a good night before being taken to the prison in the morning.

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