A thirteen year old teen in Nkhotakota shocked the Police when he disclosed that he experiences heart problems every time he does not steal something from somebody.

The boy, Maxwell Phiri, together with his twelve year old friend were arrested over a fortnight ago after breaking into a camp used by Ethanol company workers in the district and going away with a bicycle.

However, when they were asked why they were busy wasting their lives with stealing at such a young age instead of investing it in something important, the Police had a rude awakening especially from the thirteen year old Maxwell who has been arrested in many times than once.

“Maxwell has been arrested many times and this time around curiosity got the better part of me and when I asked him why he liked doing that (stealing), he surprised me by saying that he falls sick each time he does not steal,” said police spokesperson for Nkhunga police, Austin Kaunda.

Asked on how he was going to survive in a police cell with nothing to steal, the boy said that he is going to be finding it tough and his heart problem will worsen.

“I have already been finding it hard here such that I just spend my time sleeping so as to escape the pain I get from the heart,” said he.

Maxwell lost both his parents and is being raised by his grandparents.


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