President Joyce Banda can stand in a court of law as her ex-minister’s witness, lawyers agree.

This morning, lawyer Ralph Kasambara who is being held by the Police over accusations that he wanted to murder Paul Mphwiyo who survived a shooting attempt, astounded the nation when he said that one of his witnesses in the case is the state President herself, Mrs. Joyce Banda.

Contrary to what some people were speculating that the President cannot stand in a court of law as the constitution offers her immunity from such, the constitution only stops the President from prosecution but not giving evidence or acting as a witness to a person.

Writing on the social forum, Facebook, lawyer Bright Theu who once lectured at the University of Malawi indicated that the President cannot only be prosecuted but acting as a witness she can.

“And once in that witness box, she can be treated as every other individual,” wrote he.

Kasambara’s case has since been committed to the High Court which will also hear his bail application.

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