Some activists in the country have faulted the ruling made by Mangochi magistrates court on the issue of selling pork in the Muslim dominated district which, a few days ago, saw violent riots happening in the Lake district as Muslims took the law into their hands to ban the selling of pork in the district.

The magistrates court sitting in Mangochi yesterday threw out an application by the pork seller that he be paid MK 85,000 for the act that was done by some Muslims in the area of illegally seizing his pork and then burying it because, according to them, it was illegal to sell pork in the area.

Magistrate Jack Njikho, however, just faulted the two camps and dismissed the case.

The ruling has not gone well with some activists that have challenged that the magistrate operated more out of fear than in obeying the rules of the land.

Billy Mayaya, an outspoken critic, indicated that the ruling left a lot to be desired in as far as the issue of tolerance was concerned. Others have as far as suggested that the ruling should be challenged in the High Court.

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