JC Mbele, an adult of 50 years, of Malawian origin states as follows:

I want to put it on record that President Joyce Banda is a habitual liar.
She lied in her tribute in front of the body of Nelson Mandela…

1. There was never a plot to kill Joyce Banda as claimed.

2. As such nobody was ever accused, prosecuted and convicted of such a crime in the Republic of Malawi…

3. President Joyce Banda is on record of being a serial liar. She falsely accused the former Chief Justice, his involvement in a coup to deny her Presidency. She has not apologised for such injury to the person of Chief Justice reputation.

4. Its a shameless lie that she learnt anything from Nelson Mandela. She stands accused of massive plunder of state resources by her own people. The love she spoke about for her people is an insult to Nelson Mandela’s stature.

5. Nelson Mandela never filled Union Buildings with his relatives. Joyce Banda only employs her relatives at the State House. Her own children. Her own sisters. Her own nieces. Her own nephews.

Are these lessons from Nelson Mandela?

6. Final word. The entire speech that seemed POWERFUL and MOVING is nothing but hallucinations for her image. Pure fraud delivered to unsuspecting mourners of international standing.

Nothing but the truth. So help me God.


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