Barely a week after some residents of Dedza South constituency chased away the current Minister of Tourism, Moses Kunkuyu, from their constituency where he wants to stand as an MP in the area, the aspiring member of Parliament is back again in trouble in this constituency: this time with a wrong campaign strategy.

According to reports, the minister who is also the current Member of Parliament for Blantyre City South but has decided to abandon it and head to Dedza South which was previously held by John Tembo, took an ambulance to an area as part of his campaign strategy.

Kunkuyu’s strategy was that he takes the ambulance through to all places where he is holding the rallies so as to tell them what he had brought for them – an ambulance.

However, as he was traveling from one place to another, the roads were so muddy that across his mind came the idea that the ambulance had to be carried in a lorry and not let it travel through the muddy roads which, one might imply, must be the priority for him.

However, it was in the course of the travel that the lorry failed to travel properly and, in the end, the ambulance fell off the lorry and landed on four people who died on the spot.

Not new to controversy in the time of campaigning, Moses Kunkuyu once staged an abduction of himself in the run-up to the 2009 elections and, thereby, gaining sympathy.

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