Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) supporters had a rude awakening this afternoon in the Capital Lilongwe when prison authorities at Maula prison sent them back with food stuffs, medicines and cash they had planned to donate to the inmates at the prison claiming that they had not followed proper procedures.

The donation was coming from the party president, Peter Mutharika, who had done so in reaction to the news that about five inmates had died at the prison due to starvation.

Media reports in the week indicated that about five inmates had died at the prison due to starvation as there was not enough food to be given to the prisoners. Mid last year, the prison authorities had sounded an SOS that there was a looming hunger shortage at the prison unless some drastic measures were followed as suppliers to the prison were shunning it citing poor prices.

This afternoon, however, DPP faithfuls got the shock of their lives when they were turned back from assisting the prisoners.

Whereas the prison authorities indicate that the DPP team had not followed proper procedures of assisting the prisoners, Mutharika’s personal aide, Ben Phiri, indicated that it was all politics at play as they had followed all the procedures necessary.

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