Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has told the ruling Peoples’ Party (PP) to stop claiming that the ruling should not be blamed for problems the country is going through as they have only been in government for two years.

The remarks were made by the spokesperson of the MCP, Jessie Kabwila, at a public debate that was held in Zomba yesterday. At the debate, the PP representative, Wakuda Kamanga, had said that it was unfair for them to be accused of the mess that the country was in as they had only been in government for a short time.

However, in response, the MCP spokesperson fired back to say that it was not wise for the PP to be uttering such remarks when in the same period they had managed to bankrupt the country through the Cashgate scandal.

Kabwila said that if the PP had managed to steal that much then they had also the capacity to make Malawi a better place.

At the debate, the political parties that were present promised to create job opportunities for the youth once they ascend to power.

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