Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs, Fahad Assani, has condemned calls by Muslims Association of Malawi (MAM) to give stiff punishment  to those involved in homosexual.

Recently Shiek Salmim Idruss was quoted as saying those found guilty of practicing homosexuality should be given death sentence.

When approached for comment, Assani said Malawi is democratic country and cannot impose penalty on gays.

“Malawi is a democratic  country and we cannot promote death penalty on minority groups. We have the death penalty in the constitution but since we  voted for multiparty in 1994 no single president has implemented that”, said Assani.

He further said after May 20 polls, the issue of gay rights will be fully debated and Malawians will be allowed to vote on whether the country should legalize same sex Marriage.

Meanwhile George Thindwa a Secular Humanist , trashed the Muslims of promoting homophobia, saying their call was unacceptable in modern society.

The gay issue in Malawi came to light during the late Bingu Wa Mutharika era.


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