Chiefs in Salima district have accused Minister of Home Affairs  and Internal Security for interfering in the affairs of other constituency .

Mussa is allegedly to have diverted about 750 bags of maize meant for Salima constituency to donate to a place of his choice.

Village Headman Kalonga, said Chiefs are demanding answers from the Home Affairs Minister on why he decided to Interfere in the constituency  affairs yet he does not belong there.

“We are very angry with Uladi Mussa’s  behaviour  and we need answers as soon as possible before we act. we were told that we will receive 1500 bags of maize but we were surprised to see we got half because Mussa took part of the bags”, said Group Village Headman Kalonga.

Meanwhile Mussa denied the claims by the Chiefs, saying he has never intervened in the affairs of other  constituency.

” It’s not true, there are other people who want to tarnish my image. I don’t interfere in the affairs of other constituency, I have my own constituency to help”, he said.

The Chiefs have said they are planning to meet President Joyce Banda to inform her on the development.   

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