Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP) has called upon Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) that disqualification of Political parties or Candidates  believed to be perpetrators of violence is the only solution to the violence happening in political campaign rallies.

CCJP  said this in a statement released yesterday addressed to MEC.

“We call upon Malawi Electoral Commission to find ways of disciplining parties in a very tangible way, including disqualifying potential candidates, if indeed proven to have perpetrated political violence.

Ours, therefore, is a call to the Malawi Electoral Commission to make sure that measures are put in place and enforced to allow parties to comply with best standards of conducting their political rallies. We also appeal for justice in such cases since we believe in the saying, ‘where there is no justice, there is no peace’,” reads the statement.

CCJP also called on the youth to avoid being used by politicians as agents of violence.

“In view of this, we call upon the youth to desist from being used by barbaric politicians. We need to love our political parties, yes, but we need not be zealots and blind loyalists even at the expense of our brothers or sisters’ lives,” adds the statement.

CCJP statement comes as a reaction  to the violence that happened over the Weekend in Thyolo.

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