Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace  has called upon all Child protection structure in Chikhwawa district to work together in bringing the culprits of child abuse to justice.

The call was made during the closure of the three-days training of Community Based Educators(CBEs) and Child protection  workers on Friday at Matechanga Motel in the district which aims at sensitizing the groupings on how to familiarize with the new Child protection Act.

Apart from the two groupings, the training also was attended by traditional leaders from traditional authority Mlilima and Sub-chief Ndakwera.

In his speech CCJP Chikhwawa Diocese’s secretary,Lewis Msiyadungu said:

“There is need to bring all the offenders of child justice to court . You are supposed to be working  together with the community policing structures to apprehend all the perpetrators”.

Child Justice Magistrate  for the district, Smart Maluwasa commended CCJP for the training.

“My appeal to the trainers is that they should properly sensitize parents, guardians and all responsible persons looking after the children on what is contained in the new Child protection Act”, said Maluwasa.

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