Former President Dr. Joyce Banda has trashed accessions made by Malawi government saying that since she flew out of the country, she had been spreading lies in caucus she had been attending that President Mutharika had barred her from attend government functions.

Public Relations Officer to Banda, Andekuche Chanthunya blasted the claims through a statement issued on Friday, July 20, 2014.

“The Office of Former President wishes to state, categorically, that there is no aorta of truth in the Press Statement. The Office of the Former President wishes to inform the nation that at no point has Her Excellency Dr. Joyce Banda complained about being not invited to public events,” states the PRO, challenging “anyone to bring evidence supporting the same”, reads the statement.

Through the same statement, the Office of the Former President reminds the nation that Banda left the country on a private trip when President Mutharika had been in office for four weeks and that the only state events that had taken place prior to the time the former Malawi leader left the country were the inauguration ceremony of President Mutharika and the President’s wedding.

Meanwhile the office of the former president ha saluted the Mutharika administration’s commitment “to avoid politics of vengeance and retribution as contained in the Press Statement and the Office of Former President hopes this will not be mere political rhetoric”.

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