The modern-day technology seems to have heavily taken its toll on Malawians especially women who lately have become subject to leaked naked pictures.

Time and again, the social media especially Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp are a centre of sharing pictures of some Malawian women posing nude.

What really happens when such pictures are taken, nobody knows; but it has become a norm that men, these days, are not afraid to cease a moment and share with the world pictures of their, presumably, lovers or ex-spouses.

If it’s a matter of vengeance or just to make fun of the victims, we can’t just figure it out.

Just days ago, Whatsapp has become frenzy with pictures of a woman who posed naked for a camera. It is reported she is an employee of one of the prominent banks in Blantyre city; we are yet to find out.

What is evident, though, is that she might have consented, based on the pictures, to be photographed nude.

She seemed care free and wouldn’t bother her that much of what would happen to the pictures. If it’s all about fun, then Malawian women seem not to know the limit. And for those who leak such pictures out of malice, we say, it’s shameful to deliberately do so.


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