Chileka based reggae group Black Missionaries have announced that the annual late Evison Matafale memorial, which also celebrates the lives of other fallen artists from Chileka including Gift and Musamude Fumulani, will this year be held on November 30.

Evison Matafale (died 27 November 2001) was a Malawian Rastafarian whose music rose to popularity in Malawi. He was also the founder and leader of the Reggae band Black Missionaries.

Matafale rose to fame and became one of Malawi’s favourite musicians by 2000 through the release of his debut album, Kuyimba 1, in 1999. Matafale was known as “the prophet” in Malawi and was seen as an elder amongst the community of Malawian Rastafarians.

Matafale was a Rastafarian who wore dreadlocks. Matafale blended his music with a more serious political message with their Rasta philosophy and messages of peace, love and unity in Malawi.

Late Matafale died at the age of 32 in police custody on 27 November 2001.

Balck Missionaries group’s lead vocalist, Anjiru Fumulani, made the revelation during a show at New Village House in Blantyre where Entertainers Promotions of Jai Banda, aka Mr Entertainer, was launching his equipment.

“We will start with the launch of Khozie Masimbe’s album on November 23 and afterwards we will shift attention to the memorial show which is for free. We always value the memorial show because we celebrate the lives of late Evison Matafale, Gift and Musamude Fumulani. So people should look forward to this,” said Anjiru.

He said Masimbe’s album launch will be at Motel Paradise, adding that people who will turn up for the memorial show will enjoy the reggae vibes.

Other fallen soldiers to be remembered during the memorial are Musamude who died in September 2008 and Gift Fumulani who died in 2009.

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