The Public Affairs committee (PAC) on Friday took President Peter Mutharika to task over his choice of cabinet that has been dominated by the people from the Southern region.

PAC chairperson Revered Felix Chingota categorically said on the onset of the meeting which was later held in camera that the negative perception that the public has as regards to the cabinet is not ignited by “the figure of the cabinet but rather the personalities in the cabinet”.

Minister of Home Affairs and International Relations, Dr. George Chaponda defended President Peter Mutharika’s cabinet saying the president’s choice of cabinet was based on the Members of Parliament that won under the Democratic Progressive Party ticket.

Chaponda disclosed that the DPP won 40 parliamentary seats in the Southern Region, 2 in the north and 3 in the central region.

Mutharika’s cabinet which comprises of 20 members received heavy criticisms from various stakeholders, accusing Mutharika of practicing regionalism.

The development led to some concerned citizen especially from the Northern Region led by People’s Party (PP) Provincial chairman Christopher Mzomera Ngwira proposing for federal system of government.

In the proposal Ngwira said the development will ensure that all regions of Malawi are equally represented in government and fair distribution of development.

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