The Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) in Malawi Capital Lilongwe yesterday was stormed by some angry teachers who were demanding their May 20 polls allowances.

It’s been noted that the teachers worked for the body during the controversial May 20 elections are yet to be paid their arrears. In their frustration the angry teachers started stoning the offices to show their grievances.

One teacher who opted for anonymity said the body has taken their services for granted despite the passion they showed for the work.

“Up to now they haven’t given out our allowances. They are not being fair to us because we are not considered”, said the teacher.

The teacher added that the body could have followed what they agreed upon completing everything they (teachers) had to do.

In response to the situation MEC spokesperson Sangwani Mwafulirwa assured the teachers to get paid before the end of this week.

“We are processing payments of all officers who are yet to be paid their allowances for the services they offered during the country’s general elections of May 20″, said Mwafulirwa.

The issue of not paying the electoral officers till now has being criticized several stakeholders including human rights activists arguing that is un fair to leave the officers unpaid despite completing their work faithfully.

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