Some Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members in the parliamentary committee on agriculture are aspiring to ‘impeach’ chair of the committee Felix Jumbe from his position.

Sources gathered by FaceofMalawi through Nyasa Times indicate that at least three MCP members proposed to the committee to have Jumbe removed from the position because he is “pompous and self-centred.”

Jumbe who is a parliamentarian for Salima Central constituency is also being accused of monopolizing international trips.

The committee found that the grounds for the impeachment are valid but since Jumbe was not around, we were just waiting to hear his side of the story, said the source.

In response Jumbe revealed to our FOM reporters that it is very unfortunate for members of the same party fight each other.

Rumours have it that their intention is just to finish me off politically, Jumbe said.

In his reaction MCP president Dr Lazarus Chakwera said the party has intervened in the matter and “everything is now under control.”

We have heard about those intentions but the party has intervened and we will resolve the issue within ourselves, he said.

Jumbe lost to Chakwera on the presidency at the party’s convention last year.

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