While there are different views from quarters of the society on whether the country should legalize same sex marriages ,Revolver, Trap Squad rapper has come in an open joining the activist pushing the government to legalize the homosexuality.

The Trap Squad rapper, real name Kenneth Muwamba recently hit headlines on the social network by underscoring that he has now grasped a positive attitude towards same sex marriages, after having a chain of interaction with Malawian gays.

Speaking hotly revolver said, They (gays) have a human right to love whoever they want as long it is consensual

Revolver wondered why Malawians keep calling the nation as God fearing, when they have no respect for fellow humans who have a different view in terms of such kind of relationships.

If we are really a traditional following or God fearing nation as we claim to be, then we got nothing to worry about

However, Revolver prefers to look at it with a naturalistic realism.

In his view, it is not a matter of whether it is a sin or not; but a semantic and an earthly issue consistent with the idea of human rights.

His arguments stream in the same river with activists who are pushing for the rights of minorities including people that want to practice same sex marriages.

Meanwhile, Revolver who is well known for his creative euphemism in his lyrics, has distance himself of being gay saying he was just expressing his opinion on the matter

“I personally am not into gay stuff but that is my personal preference and I got no issues with those that feel different ,”said the 25 year old.

This comes as activist Gift Trapence of Center for Development of People (Cedep) and Center of Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) Executive Director, Timothy Mtambo are pushing for the removing of sex laws in the country.

Cedep and CHRR say that they have organized open debates on same sex marriages which will see law student at Chancellor College in Zomba compete by making presentations on the same.
The two organizations with funding from the Norwegian Embassy say that the competition will enhance students understanding on the matter.

In the Malawian culture, it is a taboo with people of the same sex to marry and people that are known to be practicing the same are nailed down for a maximum sentence that attracts 14 years.

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