An extremely sex-starved and horny married Businesswoman is reportedly in a habit of inviting a married man to her house and allegedly paying him for sex.

The businesswoman Lina Mukahiwa from Hillside suburb in Bulawayo is allegedly enlisting the services of a married man to allegedly quench her sexual starvation since her husband is reportedly in the United Kingdom.

It is reported that the alleged “male prostitute” is now spending more time at Lina’s house lying to his wife that he would be at work.

Lina’s alleged affair with the married man is said to have started after she broke up with a church leader of an apostolic sect she was attending.

The stunning disclosure was revealed by Lina’s friend Tendai Masotsha at the Bulawayo Civil Court where Lina was seeking a peace order against her.

Tendai claimed that before they dragged each other to court, Lina was her close friend and they were sharing deep secrets, even those involving bedroom matters.

She revealed that despite the fact they were married, during the subsistence of their acquaintance they were cheating on their husbands by engaging in extra-marital affairs.

“Tendai Masotsha has been causing despondency in my life, to my child, employees and business by threatening to release falsified and malicious information to my husband who is residing in the United Kingdom that I have extra-marital affairs. Tendai is also conniving with my employees to stalk me. She is also labelling me a prostitute in front of my employees.

“I am now living in fear because of the threats being perpetrated by Tendai against me. By doing so I believe she is infringing on my right to privacy. I am also seeking an order to bar her from coming to my house and workplace,” she stated in her affidavit.

Her claims however, courted Tendai’s anger, who did not mince her words and brazenly said:

“I deny the allegations the applicant is levelling against me. We were close friends with Lina to the extent that we were sharing secrets even our bedroom matters. We are both married and we were engaging in extra-marital affairs since her husband is in the United Kingdom. She used to go to an apostolic sect where she was in love with one of the church leaders. After the break-up of that relationship she is now inviting a married man to her house and pays him for sleeping with her. She is also buying him groceries. I advised her to be careful since her husband would eventually know the affair like what happened when she was dating her church leader.”

She also said that during their shenanigans she was taught how to “consistently and correctly” use a female condom by Lina.

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