Malawi retired veteran politician Gwanda Chakwamba has whispered that he is living in impoverished life due to financial constraints, according to media reports.

Gwanda Chakuamba, 81 told one of the medias house on Thursday that life is not the same as before as things are getting worse.

The paper reports that Chakuamba is having constant threats of eviction from Malawi Housing Corporation house in Chimwankhunda where he resides.

“I also have problems with water and electricity bills,” the paper quoted the veteran politician as saying

Former minister Moses Dossi, a close associate to Chakuamba, commented: “In Malawi we credit people when they die and not necessarily when they are alive.

“reports indicate Chakuamba be conferred with an honorary Doctor of Philosophy degree by Cyprus International Institute of Texas in United States of America this Saturday.

Chakuamba, who retired from active politics, would be awarded the doctorate in line with his invaluable contribution to the country having served in almost all ruling parties, as former minister and once a leader of opposition.

Cyprus International Institute second Vice Chancellor Professor Gusto Tuweh Gadama said Chakuamba will be honoured during a graduation ceremony to be held at Bingu International Conference

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