I have been with a few young women, and honestly, they can be great lovers (at least, the ones I’ve been with were). They can be sweet and full of so much life, sometimes, it can infect you. However younger women can be very impossible people to date sometimes. There’s a plethora of issues they come with; like insecurity and unfaithfulness for example, and truth be told, not every guy likes to deal with that—although I can’t really blame them; maybe it’s all owing to the fact that they’re still young and are yet to fully come to terms with some of the intricacies of dating.

I had an experience with one in my younger days at the university (I like to think of her as the first real love of my life). She genuinely loved me, and I returned her affection (100% of course), but because we were not in the same school at the time, there were trust issues on her side. She felt I wasn’t true enough to her and after a while called it quits with the relationship (even without concrete evidence), despite my attempts to convince her otherwise. There were a few other younger women in my life, and it just never worked out between us mostly because of the same problem…then, I tried the other side. Chance made me meet one lady lawyer in her late 30s, and even though we’re not together today (because she got married), I have had reason to look toward her age bracket for all my love dealings.

Older women are mostly everything that younger women are not; they’re more loving and even more understanding. I’m not trying to say that they don’t have their own short- comings, but for me, their flaws are far more forgivable than that of younger women, and here’s why…


Unlike younger ones, older women are very understanding. They have been around long enough, and in more relationships, so they are more attuned to everything about dating. Most times, when they’re involved with you, they already have it at the back of their mind that it may not end up in marriage, and this makes it easy to be with them. There’s less nagging, quarreling and fighting because they know what not to do, and what lines not to cross, and if as their man, you’re broke, they’re always ready to support you gladly. These qualities are hard to come by in younger women.


For a guy, being in a relationship with an older woman can be just as educating as being in a relationship with an older man is to women. Because there’s an age difference, there are discrepancies in attitude and behavior, and being with them offers you an opportunity to gain from their wealth of knowledge. They are not only mature in appearance; they are also mature in thinking because they have been there longer than you have. They have probably seen/been through more than you have, and in your times of struggle, all that wealth of experience may be all that you need.


Sex with an older woman is not the same as it is with a younger woman. Most of the time, you have to do all the work if she’s younger because there’s so much she doesn’t know, but that’s not the case with an older woman; older women are more experienced and they bring that wealth of experience into the bedroom. They know how to touch the right spots, and if you’re not good yourself, you may feel intimidated. Lol. In all, sex with older women is more exciting, more adventurous, and fun.


Many older women date younger men for the fun, but when they’re serious about you, they’re 100% true to the guy. I mean, let’s face it, they’ve been there (probably in countless relationships), done it all, so what more could they possibly want with promiscuity? They can be faithful to a fault, and this makes them the surest bet for any man looking for honesty, stability and commitment in a woman.


Dating a younger woman can be challenging because they tend to always have insecurity issues. They hardly trust, even when it’s glaring that you’re true to them, and this sometimes, makes it difficult for relationships to succeed, but an older woman knows how to handle her security and fears mostly because she’s been in past relationships, has had them in the past, and understands how harmful it can be to a relationship.

And that was my take on the subject; any witnesses in the house? Younger women, feel free to make your argument. Lol. No beef o. I love you all!

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