Being a lady that loves her appearance and wouldn’t want to spoil it by having a mishap is not an easy feat; even the biggest of celebrities suffer from big mishaps even in big occasions.

As human as we all are, we make mistakes but those mistakes can at least be curtailed to a favourable extent.

There are certain things every lady can quickly check in 5 minutes before leaving the house so as not to suffer one of those regular mishaps most ladies face and I’d list five of them.


In a bid to rush up for an appointment, ladies sometimes err greatly on their makeup. I wonder how you would save your face when you can’t even save your looks from a makeup disaster. When done with your make up always make sure, it isn’t too ‘loud’ -the blush especially, also check your eye brow defining for excess concealer, check if your foundation is smooth and if your lip stick is excess or has spill; the area above your lips is another area that can ruin even a good make up, always make sure it blends with the rest of your face.


When I see ladies adjusting their bra strap only one thing comes to mind; “why didn’t she do this at home?” Your bra strap can totally ruin your day if you aren’t careful. It’s important you check on your strap carefully before leaving the house, if it can’t stay hidden in your cloths then change it; it would save you far more comfort than having to adjust your strap every now and then.


Zips are very fragile and can go bad at the wrong hour and you know what that means – disaster. When choosing a dress or skirt with zippers, make sure to ascertain the durability of that zip and change the dress if it’s not solid so you don’t have a disaster.


Yea, I can’t do this without adding that your panties are as well important. Uncomfortable panties can ruin your day; added weight can make you uncomfortable in your panties; if your panties are too tight or always slips in your butt then you might have an uncomfortable day. Always make sure you wear panties you are comfortable in.


The saying a woman’s beauty is her hair isn’t farfetched, so the hair should always be given a quick look before leaving the house. There are two important things to check regarding the hair; the hair arrangement and your looks. Your make up would play a big part in how you look and your hair also adds that spice to your look; decision on whether to park your hair or pour it is also important. The most important thing to note is how you look with the hair pattern you chose.

One minute each for a quick check on these five things and your day would be super insured.



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