Below are five s*x mistakes most men are guilty of. If you don’t want to make these mistakes, then you should be reading this.

  1. Don’t expect penetration alone to give her the Big O. Most men think s*x alone would make her climax but that’s so wrong.
  2. Being monotonous. You shouldn’t just stick with a particular position, variety is important. Because she enjoyed you taking her from behind the last four times doesn’t mean you should stick with it.
  3. Assuming you know what she wants. Women fake it a lot so don’t be quick to assume you know everything about her in the bedroom.
  4. Assuming only women should seduce. Women want to be seduced too. Try mastering some good techniques.
  5. Assuming s*x starts and ends in the bedroom. Men should understand women don’t get quickly turned on like men. You can start laying foundations for a good time in the bedroom from the start of the day. It shouldn’t start just when she ls beside you in the bedroom. Sending her messages about you expecting a good s*x later in the day should help start the process. S*x should be a process.

Avoid these mistakes and be a better man in the bedroom.


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