As the Kwacha continues to slide down, the government of Malawi has said it will with effect from October 1, 2015 raise the minimum wage from K14, 326 to K17, 880. 20.

In an interview on Wednesday, District Labour Officer for Blantyre, Frank Adini said the decision was reached upon after consultations with organizations of employers and employees.

“The minimum wage has been raised because of the rising costs of living from K551.00 per day to K687.70 per day with effect from October 1, 2015,” Adini said.

The Labour Officer said K17, 880. 20 was the general minimum wage which all employers are mandated to abide by law.

“This is just a minimum wage. Employers and employees are at liberty to discuss further increments,” said Adini,

He advised employers to keep evidence in form of a labour register where all details of how the employees are treated should be kept and signed by the employee.

“Labourers now know that they have rights and some could claim being overworked which can only be refuted by the labour register they signed against,” said Adini.

The Minister of Labour, Youth and Manpower has powers derived from section 54 of the Employment Act to change the minimum wage.

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