An outrageous student night where young women took part in a sex show for the chance to win a free holiday has caused fury today.

Contestants simulated sex on stage, swapped clothes, stripped and got into sexual positions after being given free alcohol.

Initially those who took part were asked to eat as many crackers as possible but the competition soon became sexually explicit and humiliated the women involved, critics have said.

Footage taken at the University of Hull’s nightclub is said to show one of the young women in tears as the crowd yelled ‘slags’ and the host encouraged people to ‘queue up’ to ‘f***’ one contestant.Shocking: A university union is under fire after its nightclub organised an event where girls simulated sex lured with the promise of a free holiday

Extreme: After being given free drinks the students got into positions like this one in front of a huge crowdMob: The crowd were heard chanting 'slag' at one girl while the DJ asked people to cheer if the wanted to 'f**k' one of the contestantsThe winner, who has asked not to be named, won a holiday in Croatia when she was the only contestant who agreed to strip.

The game has caused fury with some claiming the women were manipulated and then humiliated after being handed free drinks.

During the event guest DJ Lee Watson, described by one student as ‘misogynistic’ and used to appear on the ITV show Club Reps, shouted: ‘Cheer if you want to f*** this girl. She’s keen, form a queue. I’m first.’

In one particularly distasteful task one man forced a woman into a sexual position while shouting ‘Who’s the daddy?’

The student sex night at Hull University was also slammed by education campaigners who complained that laddish behaviour had reached epidemic proportions in British universities.

Chris McGovern, Chairman of the Campaign for Real Education, said: ‘If youngsters feel under pressure to engage in this sort of activity in order to ‘fit in’ it is small wonder that universities are suffering from a mental health epidemic.

‘Of course, students should be free to ‘let their hair down’ and to ‘let off steam’ from time to time but there have to be some boundaries too. ‘The organisers of this event have a lot of explaining to do. At best, a lot of Hull students are going to feel mightily upset and exploited and, at worst, some will feel traumatised. ‘Some young people need to treat each other young people with more respect’.

The disturbing events were part of a Student Union event at the Asylum nightclub at the University of Hull, East Yorkshire.

It was part of a competition to win a free place on a sports tour to Croatia, and was during the union’s regular Wednesday club night, Tower. But the show left many students shocked and upset.

The evening began with a cracker eating challenge but as free drinks were then given out and the tasks became increasingly sexual.

The second round saw Watson urge attendees to remove bras, and even strip off and swap outfits.

It was followed by a musical statues challenge in which students were asked to get into pairs and dance together, jumping into sex positions when the music stopped.Lewd: The young women and men involved played a form of musical chairs and when the music stopped they had to adopt sexual positions

The DJ took one couple aside and asked one boy to repeatedly shout ‘Who’s the Daddy?’ into the microphone while holding another student in a sexual position.

Watson allegedly even asked students to strip off and swap clothes, which the winner, who wished to remain anonymous, did.

She won the second competition of the night, bagging herself a free tour place to Croatia.

A spokeswoman for the union said: ‘We recognise some of the games played at the Tower event were inappropriate.

‘We are committed to Hull University Union continuing to be an inclusive, welcoming and accepting space and we would like to apologise to anyone who was offended.

‘It is important to us that our members have a great time in our venues and we have already taken steps to ensure future bookings plan their acts in accordance with our values and policies.’Abuse: DJ Lee Watson has been described by one student as 'misogynistic' and is said to have shouted: 'Cheer if you want to f*** this girl'

A spokeswoman for the university’s women’s committee was also critical of what had gone on.

She said: ‘Obviously it’s incredibly worrying this event was allowed to happen, especially with union staff present.

‘The games were clearly promoting lad culture, which is a huge problem within universities across the country.’

Many of those present on the night were also unimpressed.

One student, who asked not to be named, told university news site The Tab some onlookers went home early because of what was happening.

He said ‘The atmosphere in Tower was completely different to a usual Wednesday night.

‘There was a clear division between students watching the event and those who just wanted their dance floor back.

‘I personally thought the whole event was a joke, and most of my friends left early.’Grim: Contestants at the Asylum nightclub at the University of Hull (pictured) pretended to do sex acts, swap clothes, strip and get into sexual positions after being given free alcohol

Later in the evening, Lee, who also works as part of a music duo under the name Fully Charged, took to the DJ booth and asked students to get their lighters out.

One of those present said it left him with singed hair, adding ‘It is outrageous the union allowed this man to instruct drunk students.

‘It’s cost my £40 to get my hair fixed after it was singed and my friends costume was almost set alight.’

Third year Adam Smith was appalled at the Union for arranging such an act, he added: ‘They banned circling back in January, but this is allowed?’

University basketball team president Joe Havercroft said the student union had ‘tried something to make people turn heads, but unfortunately it’s all been for the wrong reasons.’

A spokesman for Lee ‘Jester’ Watson’s agent, Big Bang Global in Blackpool, said: ‘We were not aware of this. We were completely in the dark. Lee is abroad at the moment but we will be trying to speak to him about this.’

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