It’s normal to like a guy so badly and yet fail to see the signs that he doesn’t feel the same way too. He might just be interested in having your cake but not being your man.

Below are signs he doesn’t want to be your man

1. He is happy to spend the night with you but he is always out in the morning before the neighbours are awake because he doesn’t want to be seen with you.

2. He doesn’t take you out for a proper date so he won’t be seen with you in public but prefers ordering takeaways.

3. He cancels hanging out with you or seeing you quite often. There is always a stupid or reasonable excuse on why he cancelled depending on how you see his explanation.

4. When you tell him you would be free during the weekend, he doesn’t bother suggesting a hang out because there might be someone else who he would be spending the weekend with.

5. He sometimes avoids seeing you with the silly excuse of playing video game with his friends.

6. When you are in his car with his friend, he tells you to sit at the back and prefers his friend sitting at the front passenger seat.

7. He always forgets to call you or send you a message. He would use the busy line as an excuse.

8. He doesn’t try to make you feel special because you are not special to him.

9. His friends always come first no matter what.

10. His phone is always switched off or without network when he is with you.

11. He never remembers your birthday and would always use the busy line. Even when he remembers your birthday, you don’t see that excitement on his face and most times there would be an excuse for not getting you a gift.

12. He doesn’t want you to meet his folks or siblings. Knowing his friends is okay for him.

13. He always wants you to go down on him but he never wants to go down on you.

14. When you mistakenly bump into any member of his family with him, he would never introduce you as his girlfriend.

15. He has never tagged you on social media and he never will.

It’s advisable you move on as he doesn’t see you as the love of his life.


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