As the country continues to experience economic down turn, one of the Civil rights groups has asked for reduction in the number of constituencies from the current 193 to 100, saying the country is too small.

Citizen Alliance officials headed by its executive secretary Wilson Asidu made the appeal on Tuesday during an audience with the Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya and all the House leadership.

Asidu said the reduction of constituencies will help the country save expenses anchored and the revenue saved will used in other development activities like buying drugs in hospitals and others.

The executive Secretary cited Zambia and South Africa as one of the countries in Africa that have few lawmakers compared to Malawi.

He said are now in place and handle development projects in their respective areas whilst members of parliament just concentrate on law making and oversight functions.

Information sourced by FaceofMalawi indicates that Msowoya rejected the call, saying councillors and members of parliament do different jobs altogether.

Meanwhile opposition People’s Party (PP) MPs and Malawi Congress Party (MCP) MPs have also rejected the call.

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