The Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services says it is in the process of identifying suitable and well qualified private garages and motor vehicle dealers to take up the process of vehicle inspection for issuance of Certificate of Fitness.

Director of Road Traffic and Safety Services, Jacques Manong’a said this at Nyambadwe Ground in Ndirande on Sunday during this year’s Africa road safety day commemorations held under the theme: ‘Passengers, be responsible for your safety on the road’ aimed at raising awareness to all passengers in the country.

Manong’a said the Directorate of Road Traffic has realized that it cannot satisfy the ever increasing vehicle population alone noting the department is failing to meet the demands of clients.

“We realized that we alone cannot satisfy the ever increasing vehicle population. The department in total has four vehicles inspection stations stationed in Mzuzu, Zomba, Blantyre and Lilongwe.

“This is against an ever growing population of vehicles which currently is at least 250,000 vehicles. It is therefore apparent that our capacity is limited,” said Manong’a adding that the outsorcing of vehicle inspection to the private sector is also part and parcel of the Directorate of Road Traffic and Safety Services (DRTSS) strategy to improve road safety.

Manong’a said road traffic is still ensuring that Malawi should have well qualified and licensed drivers operating on roads who are driving well certified vehicles.

He pointed out that he is aware of complaints and queries from individuals who are not happy with the way the traffic department is regulating and instituting checks and balances in their line of work.

He said; “The media has been awash with complaints of drivers failing the aptitude test, the strict measures we have invoked for obtaining the driving licence as well as the procedures that are duly being followed in respect of all the services that we are mandated to provide to the people.

“All the operations that the Directorate is doing are for the greater good and for the safety of all Malawians. The Directorate as well as traffic police are mandated to regulate and enforce road traffic rules and regulations.

Meanwhile, the Directorate has launched National Road Safety Strategy (NRSS) for 2015-2020) that will act as a guide on how the Department of Road Traffic and Safety Services should work in the coming five years.mana

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