As everyone was hoping for decrease in power outages in the country due to the start of rains, Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) hold different views on the matter.

The state owned company has told customers across the country through a press statement that the country will continue experiencing an increase in load shedding.

According to the statement made available to FaceofMalawi signed by ESCOM’s Public Relations Officer George Mituka, the development is so due to continue dwindling of water flows in Shire River as a result of the drought that is being experienced presently.

“Since the onset of the rains late last year, the water flow in Shire River, which is the major source of Hydro Generation Power in the country, as measured at Liwonde Barrage, reached the highest on 19th December 2015 when it reached 154 cubic meters per second (cumecs).

“The water flow has steadily decreased from then and as of Wednesday 6th January 2016 it reached 131.76 cumecs,” he said.

He said ESCOM to generate electricity at its full capacity of 351.74 Megawatts, it requires 230 cumecs as compared to the current 131.76 cumecs.

Mituka said the Corporation’s operating capacity is being restricted to 185 Megawatts against a maximum forecast demand of 350 Megawatts, therefore necessitating increased load shedding.

Meanwhile ESCOM has urged customers to use energy sparingly by for example, using energy efficient lamps like Energy Saver bulbs and Light Emitting Diodes (LED); Switching off geysers and air conditioners during peak periods.

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