In modern society, a church without miracles always has a small membership; people do not even like its preaching.

To witness above claim, one should just pay a visit to Africa, where people seem to pray for miracles only.  To be told the cause of their sufferings, to be promised to have wealth, but is this the signification of miracle?

Well, the biblical figures did lot of miracles, were they in line with modern mindset of miracle?

Many of those performing wonders in the first century did not do so for the purpose of enhancing themselves financially or to be praised, unlike the fortune seekers of today. For example, when Peter encountered the lame man of Acts 3, he had no money.

The lame was on door entry to have money that was only his purpose to be there. He knew that Christians are good people, might have given him money for bread in order to endure in this life.

Peter understood this situation in this way; he saw that what brought that lame there was because of his situation. Therefore, he did not give that beggar any penny but made him walk.

What that tells you?

This person according to Peter needed only good health in order to work for him to earn living. Not only that but also, this beggar should have a chance to enter into the church, to pray for himself to God.

So miracle money makes one to remain on door entry, not to enter into the church and is unable to source finances for oneself. Really, makes one lazy and wait to receive money from unknown source.



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