Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Water development Dr. George Chaponda who is also leader of government in Parliament has trashed the picture showing him sleeping in parliament, saying the picture is doctored.

Chaponda and other opposition Members of Parliament were seen sleeping in Parliament as President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika was delivering a State of the Nation Address (SONA) titled ‘Towards Recovery and Sustainable Socio-Economic Development’.

The picture attracted mixed reactions with others accusing Chaponda and others of being irresponsible.

Reacting to the picture, Chaponda denied being asleep during Mutharika’s address, saying he was awake.

Chaponda said the pictured was doctored by haters in Politics.

“I have seen those pictures and I can say it’s not true. Even the people on opposition side are shown sleeping, but I can also defend them to say I never saw one single MP sleeping; we were all alert and attentive. It was a good speech by the President and we were all listening with keen interest,” Chaponda was quoted as saying.

Chaponda’s reaction has attracted mixed reaction on the social media with others a accusing him of being a liar.

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