Rumphi East Member of Parliament Kamlepo Kalua has blasted President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika for admitting that corruption is worse in the country now.

Mutharika on Monday conceded that the country has become significantly more corrupt.

“Thirty per cent of donor money goes into the drain through corruption and fraud by both government and civil society organizations and we cannot develop with such undesirable practices,” said Mutharika when he was addressing people gathered at Ntcheu during whistle stop-tour from Blantyre to Lilongwe.

Writing on his official Facebook after Mutharika made the admission, Kalua questioned Mutharika’s remarks.

“Now the president agrees with some of us that corruption is worse now….? My question is, if he agrees who is stealing now? An ordinary Malawian in the village? My brothers and sisters today I have writen down the names of everyone who is in cabinet and I ask you to do the same so that if the names come out when they have reshuffled the cabinet and then when the time comes when the president will decide to agree that there are names in those files, you should ask kuti ” Why did u say Kamlepo was lying?”

“A wise man should know that no one can stop the time. My advice my President, it’s not too late, dissolve the cabinet, appoint able Malawians who are clean for your sake and that of Malawi. In 2012 right after your brothers death, you sent your bodyguards (Mr Chisale, Bangwe 1 and Ben Phiri) who picked me up from Church to Ndata, you sought my advice and I advised you to go through out the country to apologise for your brothers wrongs, that worked, remember? I had just come out of Prison and I refused to join DPP. This advise will also work, uproot corrupt individuals NOW! You have a chance to change things Mr President!,” wrote Kalua.

Recently President Mutharika made headlines on the media when he gave Kalua 24-hours ultimatum to feed him with names of Seven Cabinet Ministers implicated in the MK236 billion cashgate scandal or shut up forever.

In reaction, Kalua openly trashed the order, saying does not take orders from anyone apart from people from Rumphi East.

Kamlepo went further and gave Mutharika 24-hours ultimatum to follow the constitution and release the names of Cabinet Ministers implicated in the scandal or resign as a President.

The verbal war turns ugly when some DPP officials joined the war by issuing death threats on Kalua.

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