After the resignation Ken Msonda as spokesman of Peoples Party,  Nkhata Bay South-East member of Parliament (MP) Noah Chimpeni has been appoited to replace him on Friday.

According to Party administrative secretary Joseph Chikwemba announced the appointment, saying  founder of PP Joyce Banda  in consultation with the acting party president Uladi Mussa to appoint Chimpeni.


“People Party remains rich in talent and is delighted to have Noah Chimpeni as spokesperson to carry forward our message,” he said.

Mussa has also hammered on the  same point that the party is still strong in all the four regions of the country despite losing some of its vital top officials on several occasions and he said that PP is not moved with Msonda’s decision.

“In a multiparty system a person has the right to join a party or not. Nobody got tied up with ropes to be a member of a certain party forever, it’s up to the person to leave or not.

“We worry nothing with the departure of Mr Msonda because he is exercising his right. PP is still strong in all of four regions and in the party still, there are more people,” said Musa

Meanwhile Noah Chipeni has started working as spokesman  of the party on the same Friday.

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